Why Is Memory Foam Pillows So Popular?

Best pillow preference  will often be based on sleep position, intended mattress fill, and preferred pillow style, among many other considerations. This makes it rather difficult to discover one single best pillow which actually works for everybody. Still, that is not to say that it can’t be done. In any case, if you are trying to locate a great night’s rest, I would highly recommend trying out a Casper artificial down pillow. Slaap City!

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Why Is Memory Foam Pillows So Popular?

The first reason why I think that the Casper artificial down alternative pillows are among the best pillows out there for sleepers is simply due to the fact that they are simply designed to function well as far as providing support goes. Unlike many other pillows on the market today, the Casper design makes use of a unique “Casper technology” which means that the original pillow is actually constructed from three different layers of feathers, which provide excellent support. Each of these layers also mold to the user’s head so that even the slightest curve in your head is supported without feeling like your neck is in an uncomfortable position throughout the night. This unique design also allows for the pillow to mould and shape around the contours of your head. Indeed, many users of the original pillow claim that the shape and contours of the pillow make their sleep even more enjoyable, and helps them get the most sound sleep possible.

Another benefit of sleeping on a mattress filled with Casper feathers, or a foam product produced by the company, is the longevity of the product. Although all of the feathers in a typical Casper product will wear out over time (as all of the feathers are bound together in a special backing, and are therefore less subject to wearing out over time), they all seem to last a long time. What’s more, many people say that the polyfill inside the Feathers lasts for years with proper care. And because all of the feathers and polyfill remain securely in place, unlike some foam products, these memory foam pillows can actually be cleaned and maintained quite easily.

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