Tree Service Asheville NC

Asheville NC, North Carolina is a charming city located in eastern part of state. The city is named after a Revolutionary War hero by the name of Asheville. This city has a lot to offer its visitors and one of that is tree care and plantation trees. If you are thinking of moving to this beautiful area, you can have the best of both worlds since you can live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world with the advantage of living near a lot of nature. In this article, I will tell you about different kinds of trees that are grown or planted in this region.

Different Kinds Of Trees

The majority of the trees that are planted in Asheville are maples, oaks, and buckeye trees. There are also other kinds of trees such as the sycamore trees and the oak trees which are grown for their beautiful fruit, nuts, and wood. The specialty of the sycamore tree is that it can grow up to forty feet in height and it produces a nice black bark. It is not actually a maple but a relative that comes from the same family.

The second type of tree that is planted in Asheville is the ash tree. This kind of tree grows quite fast and it produces a silvery grey color when it is new. When it attains maturity, it turns into a lovely dark brown-black color. The fruit of the ash tree also attains a dark color, somewhere between brown and black, depending on the species of the tree. People who prefer trees with small fruits should avoid the ash tree because it produces large fruits that could be quite costly.

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