The M in Middle Road condo will include both high-quality retail spaces

The retail space is divided into two separate levels, each with one to three stores of varying sizes. The store front is on the ground floor, while the second floor has two floors of smaller shops and a parking lot. The M condominium is situated on the top two floors. The building features a large open floor plan and is designed with several large windows throughout. The building is finished off with slate tiles that allow for maximum natural lighting. The construction of the building was completed with the assistance of a French firm called MEC Architects. The entire complex will consist of two main buildings and a small retail unit on the first floor, a condominium on the second floor and a third level of apartments on the top floor.

The M Condo Review – within 3 mins walk from The M to Bugis Junction.

Residents will enjoy the convenience of shopping at any time of the day or night, regardless of the weather. The M in Middle Road condo will include both high-quality retail spaces and several of the most popular restaurants that are in the area.

Many of the residents are looking forward to the condos being fully furnished. and will be given the opportunity to add their own personal touches to the design, such as painting and woodwork. In addition to the fully furnished units, residents will also be able to choose from a wide selection of suites that are available, each with all of the basic amenities.

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