Corporate Crime and the United States Government

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corporate crime

Corporate crime is considered to be any crime that takes place in a commercial enterprise. The crime could be an act of violence or an attempt at fraud. Corporate crime can also be an act of fraud in which the corporate trimester defrauds or conceals from the shareholders or creditors of a company. Corporate crime can also occur in situations when a business feels that they are being cheated by an associate of their own company such as in a credit card fraud or in the email scams.

The United States Federal Trade Commission is responsible for the implementation of many anti-trust rules and policies and corporate crime is a major part of these rules and policies. Many corporate crime laws have been passed in order to address the problem of corporate crime and there is often a great deal of debate between different parts of the United States Federal Government on how to solve this problem. Many feel that there is too much power in the hands of large corporations and that the government has no power to control the actions of these corporations. However, some economists feel that the size of the economy of the United States allows large corporations and banking institutions to control the political power as well as the economy of the country.

In order to prevent corporate crime from occurring, there are several things that organizations may do. They may elect to limit mergers and acquisitions in order to reduce the amount of money that is being spent in advertisements. Regulation may be placed on accounting firms to make sure that they are not allowed to encourage accounting fraud. Some states may have a law preventing corporations to charge interest on loans that they provide to employees. The United States Federal Trade Commission is responsible for regulating advertising practices and the amount of money that are spent in commercial ads on TV and the internet. If you have been charged with any type of corporate crime, it is important that you contact a qualified criminal defense attorney who will be able to advise you on your rights and the steps that you need to take to get your charges dropped.

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