Day: November 22, 2020

Why Would I Want to Do Tile Resurfacing?

Tile resurfacing Brisbane is a great way to add an entirely new look to your kitchen, bathroom or other room, without the expense, mess and inconvenience of a complete remodel and tear-up. If you have just got a new kitchen or bathroom, you need to get it looking its best before someone else does! By simply resurfacing the surface with new, modern and high quality tiles, you can make your kitchen or other room feel like it was just purchased. It also gives you the opportunity to use all of the available space and get the most from your room.

Best Tile Resurfacing Brisbane

tile resurfacing brisbane

The high quality tile used in the majority of the Brisbane kitchen renovations, we carried out was a first for us. It was made from natural stone quarried from a mountain on the edge of the city, which gave us the strength, stability and colour we needed for our kitchen and bathroom remodelling. We were also able to match the tiles perfectly for the floor, walls and fixtures. With this in mind, we used a low maintenance epoxy resin-based sealant to protect and prevent the tile from fading or cracking over time. The sealant is also extremely easy to apply, which meant no additional scrubbing tools were necessary to keep our new surfaces looking their best.

When it comes to tile resurfacing Brisbane, there are two types of tiles that are very popular. Slate is one of the most widely used tile varieties and they are often used in the bathroom for their unique texture and reflective properties. Marble, on the other hand, are often used for large countertops and high walls, as well as walls in high-end homes. As marble tiles are often much heavier than slate, they are easier to move around and often require less preparation and cleaning. If you’re looking to change the look of your kitchen or bathroom with a refreshing new look, you should definitely give tile resurfacing Brisbane a try!